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Bushkill Township invites everyone (residents & friends) to remember and honor deceased and living Veterans with a dedication and flag placed at the township’s Veteran’s Memorial Flag Pole for the ceremony on Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 1:30pm. Cost is $5.00 per dedication. For more information (Click here)

ATTENTION RESIDENTS!! Please be advised that the Kromer Road Bridge over 33 in Plainfield Township will be closed, the long term detour will be put in place on February 27, 2017. The detour will be from Kromer Road north on Jacobsburg Road to Route 512 North and then South on Sullivan Trail. At this time the completion date is set for May 2018.

ATTENTION RESIDENTS!! May 6, 2017 there will be an Ecycling Event held at the Nazareth Intermediate School from 9am to 12pm.(Click here)

Attention residents!! 2017 Clean Up Day is scheduled for Friday, May 12th from 8am to 3pm and Saturday, May 13th from 7am to 1pm. The following is a small list of items that will be accepted: White Goods ~ Metal Goods ~ General Trash ~ Wood Materials ~ Tires (will be accepted for a FEE). Items NOT accepted: Paint, Batteries, Chemicals (of any kind), Electronics (of any kind), Appliances containing Freon (e.g. Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Dehumidifiers) Stay tuned for more updates!!

Attention residents!! 2017 Veterans Memorial Event is scheduled for Monday, May 29, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!!

Snow plowing on all township roads begins after 2 inches of snow has fallen. If an accumulation of snow is in the forecast, be on the safe side and remove your cars from the street. Anytime snow plows are dispatched during a snowstorm, parking is prohibited on all township roads except in areas where no off-street parking is available. In those areas without off-street parking, all motor vehicles shall be parked on the even address side of the street on even numbered calendar days, and on the odd address side on odd numbered calendar days. Please do not park in cul-de-sacs during snowstorms. Any vehicles parked on the street during a snowstorm may be towed and fined. The Township’s snow removal procedure calls for snow emergency routes to be salted first. This is to ensure that all developments can be accessed by emergency vehicles (fire, police and ambulance). During heavier snowstorms, snow emergency roads will be completely cleared prior to equipment starting to plow secondary roads. Should you have a non-medical emergency during a snowstorm, please contact the Bushkill Township Police Department at 610.759.2200. For medical emergencies, please dial 911.

RESIDENTS: Please be advised that any installation within the Township road rights-of-way, including mailboxes and parked cars, are placed solely at the owner’s risk. Also, Bushkill Township does not repair or replace any mailboxes or posts damaged by snowplowing operations. Residents are reminded that snow being discharged from a plow truck can generate enough force to knock down unsecured posts and mailboxes. Any questions may be directed to the Township Manager at

A guide to reducing your water usage at home, work and at play. (Click here)

Bushkill Township is located in northcentral Northampton County. Until formation on August 13, 1813, the land area of Bushkill Township was part of its parent municipality, Plainfield Township. Before that time, the area of Bushkill Township was often referred to as "The Plains." On the north the Township is bordered by the Blue Mountain and Monroe County, with the Appalachian Trail running all along the summit of Blue Mountain. Plainfield Township and the Borough of Wind Gap border in the northeast, with Plainfield Township extending along the east to the Borough of Stockertown at the southeastern corner. The lengthy western border is with Moore Township, and the shorter southern border is with Upper Nazareth Township, just north of the Borough of Nazareth. The Township is approximately 25 square miles and has over 55 miles of municipal roadways.

Bushkill Creek, a High Quality-Cold Water Fishery, bisects the Township from the northwest to the southeast, and was once the source of power for numerous mills found within the Township and downstream. Sobers Run, an Exceptional

Value stream, is entirely within Bushkill Township and was an important source of water for farms and mills along its course to the Bushkill Creek. Both streams support native and wild reproducing trout populations, and both exhibit beautiful wooded greenways, which in recent years have become a focal point for land preservation within the Township. Many greenway areas now contain public trails and select properties have been opened for public fishing; all accomplished through the Township's Open Space Program and various funding partners. (more info)

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