Bushkill Township

1114 Bushkill Center Rd.

Nazareth, PA  18064

phone  610.759.1250

fax  610.759.8565


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Bushkill Township Official Map

On Thursday, April 21, 2005, Bushkill Township adopted a revised Official Map as necessary to provide greater ability to preserve and protect its remaining greenways (i.e., the woodlands along its streams which include the Bushkill Creek, Sobers Run, and West Branch Sobers Run, including all tributaries and associated wetland areas).

As a planning tool, the Official Map allows the Township up to one full year following the submittal of a site development plan to work with developers and landowners to create a plan that best meets the intended provisions of items included on the Official Map, including infrastructure needs, park planning, trail planning, and preservation of greenway areas.  Protection of greenway aeras should minimize impact on stream-side woodlands and natural areas, including areas mapped along larger streams (those mapped by the United States Geological Survey on 7.5 Minute Quadrangles) where prior clearing of woodlands and natural areas has occurred.  Such cleared areas are now designated for restoration in order to best protect the water quality of out local streams.  Planning alternatives for preservation and protection of all mapped areas include conservation easements, deed restrictions, conservation zoning, and land acquisition.

Click here to download the Bushkill Township Official Map.  Warning: PDF file is approximately 4MB in size and may require several minutes to download over a dial-up connection!