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Police - General Information and Services

Bushkill Township

In addition to our regular duties, the Bushkill Township Police Department offers a variety services to our residents. Please review this information to discover what these services are and how they may be of value to you.

If you would like further information about any of these services, please call the Bushkill Township Police Department at 610.759.9588.

Accident Reports
You may obtain copies of accident reports at the Bushkill Township Police Department or via a request through the mail.

The cost is $15 for each report. Photographs on CD cost $50.
Please make checks payable to "Bushkill Township."

Police Incident Reports
Police incident report copies can be released under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law. To obtain a report copy, you must first complete and submit a REQUEST FORM available at the Police Department or for computer download by clicking the "Right to Know" link. The charge for report copies is $0.25 per page. Police investigative reports can only be released by subpoena or court order.

Traffic and Non-Traffic Citations
The Police Department issues citations for both traffic and non-traffic violations occurring within the Township. To pay traffic and non-traffic citations, the recipient plead "guilty" on the citation and send the fine/costs listed to the District Court noted on the citation. Those who wish to request a hearing for any traffic or non-traffic citation should plead "not guilty" on the citation and then send that part of the citation to the appropriate District Court requesting a hearing date.

Fingerprinting (By Appointment Only)
Fingerprinting can be performed for Township residents and non-residents at the Police Department for employment and licensing purposes, name changes, etc. For Township residents, the fees are $10 for the first two cards and $5 for each additional card.

For non-residents, the fees are $20 fee for the first two cards and $5 for each additional card. Appointments are preferred but not needed. Please contact the Police Department at 610.759.9588 to schedule an appointment. We cannot perform fingerprinting for immigration purposes. Please contact your nearest Immigration Department for a listing of offices.

Local Records Checks
Bushkill Township will provide local record checks. The fee for this service is $10.

Vacation Home Checks
The Bushkill Township Police Department provides this service to residents and property owners. Police officers will check on your home during routine patrol during the absence of the resident. If you are planning on going on vacation and would like to notify the Police Department prior to leaving, please fill out a notification form and return it, either by fax (610.759.8554), mail, or drop-off at the Police Department.

Child Safety Restraint Systems
Officers Nate Correll and Peter Dewey are certified Child Restraint Technicians. Residents looking to take advantage of having their child restraint systems installed or inspected must make an appointment with either officer. You will need both your vehicle and child restraint system manuals. Each appointment will take approximately 45 minutes.

During the inspection, we will look over the current car seat installation, make safety changes if needed, and discuss other safety concerns. This is a "hands-on" activity, and caregivers will be expected to assist the officers during the inspection/instillation process. Officers Correll and Dewey may be reached at 610.759.9588 x5221 or x5223.

Speeches and Demonstrations
Officers of the Bushkill Township Police Department speak to various organizations and participate in K-9 demonstrations upon request.

Protection and Enforcement
Ideas that we would like to share to help you protect yourself and your home:

  • Use a deadbolt lock and solid core wood or metal door on all exterior entrances.
  • Inventory, mark, and photograph or videotape all valuables.
  • Use automatic timers to illuminate your home while you are away.
  • Lock all windows and doors with locks, deadbolts, or bars. Do not forget sliding glass doors.
  • Trim landscape to reasonable height to provide good visibility which can hinder burglars from finding a hiding place around your home or apartment.
  • If possible, obtain an alarm system or place sensors on first floor windows.
  • When traveling at night, be aware of your surroundings.
  • If possible, carry a cell phone, even if just for reporting an emergency.
  • Talk with your children about being home alone and how to safely play outside. Review with them the "stranger danger" rules.

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