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Planning / Zoning - FAQs

Bushkill Township When do I need a Zoning Permit?
The following activities require a permit as per section 186A, 1 thru 6 of the Zoning Ordinance: Construction, placement of extension of a structure, building, above ground and inground swimming pool, patio, fence, driveway, accessory building including shed or sign; Demolition or removal of a structure great than 500 square feet.

Do I need a permit for landscaping?
No, typically you do not need a permit for landscaping. However, if your landscaping includes a retaining wall over 4' or the installation of lighting which requires electric, you may be required to obtain a building permit.

Is a Certificate of Occupancy and/or a home inspection required for the re-sale of an existing home?
No, the Township does not require either; however, a moving permit is required for the seller(s) and buyer(s), which can be obtained from the Township Tax Collector, Dale Lieberman 610-759-6784.

What is required for single family rental properties?
The Landlord Registration Form shall be filled out with the tenant(s) information. The tenant shall also obtain a moving in permit.

How do I file a Zoning Complaint?
It is the policy of the Board of Supervisors that all complaints need to be made in written form with the complainants name, address, phone number, and the nature of their complaint. E-mails are acceptable and can be sent to btzoning@bushkilltownship.com

My neighbor's tree and/or shrubs are a problem. What can I do?
This is a civil matter between homeowners; you should contact a lawyer for further information. The Township does not regulate trees and/or shrubs on private property.

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