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Public Works Foreman
Peter Yotter

Public Works
Kyle Kline
William Kummer, Jr.
Dallis Dietrich
Jesse Longley

Steve Yotter - Part Time Mechanic
Thomas Roberts - Part Time Laborer
Tom Lewis - Seasonal Parks
Dale Williamson - Seasonal Parks
Mason Messinger - Seasonal Parks
Lou Nagy - Seasonal Open Space
Donald Ackerman - Seasonal Open Space

(610) 759-2758

Voicemail is checked periodically throughout the day. Please remember to leave your name, address and phone number.

The Bushkill Township Road Department is responsible for maintaining all Township roads. Bushkill Township has 60 miles of roads; we have gained additional mileage as housing development roads are dedicated to the Township. In addition to roads, the department is responsible for maintaining Township parks and open spaces.

The Township's yard waste disposal facility and waste oil disposal containers are located at the Public Works Department. Please note that a free permit is required for yard waste disposal and that grass clippings are not accepted at the facility.

For more information about the Yard Waste Disposal program Click here

The waste oil disposal containers are located at the rear of the Public Works Department building in a covered, outdoor containment facility. Waste oil may be disposed at any time. Waste oil should be carefully dumped from personal containers into the large waste oil tank. Please use care when transferring the oil as to not spill oil onto or around the tank. There is no charge or permit necessary for disposal of waste oil.

The following is a list of responsibilities that are under the Road Department: road repairs, patching, paving, tar and chipping, shoulder/ditch work, culverts, drain and bridge repairs, snow and ice removal, replacement of street and traffic signs, maintaining main parks and Township facilities. They are also responsible for the upkeep and repairs on equipment (trucks, loader, backhoe, tractors, etc.).

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