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As part of the federally mandated MS4 Program, which focuses on management of stormwater from municipal-owned properties and rights-or-way, Bushkill Township is required to provide leaf collection from “Urbanized Areas” within the Township. MS4 stands for “Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems,” and the Urbanized Areas are designated by the Federal government based on higher population densities (determined from the 2010 Census).

Leaf collection is a very costly venture for the Township and its residents, and there-fore is only being provided in the Urbanized Areas, as mandated. Funding to cover half of the costs for two specialized leaf collection units was provided through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

No further funding from the State or Federal government is currently available to support the labor and equipment necessary to run the program, going forward. Bushkill Township has been and will continue to be a relatively rural township based on our Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan.

Wherever possible, even in Urbanized Areas, it is best for residents to compost their leaves in upland (non-wetland) areas of their properties. Doing so will help reduce costs to all Township residents and will keep valuable organic matter and nutrients on the land from which they came.

The sole intent of the leaf collection program is to keep organic matter and nutrients from getting into stormwater in high density areas where composting on-property is simply not feasible. Collected leaves will be hauled to the First Regional Compost Authority facility where they will be processed and returned to local municipalities for re-use. Residents in Urbanized Areas, as well as non-urbanized areas, are encouraged to compost their leaves to help control costs.

If you live in an Urbanized Area within the Township and need to have leaf pick-up it will be done based on the schedule listed below. Residents of Bushkill Township are required to abide by the following regulations governing leaf collection. Residents must place their leaves along the edge of the street and it is the responsibility of the resident to protect their leaves so they do not blow throughout the neighborhood. It is not the responsibility of the Township collection crew to empty plastic bags or containers; this is the responsibility of the resident.

Branches, grass clippings, shrubbery, garbage and building material will not be collected and will be left behind. Please do not use bricks, rocks, etc. to hold tarps on top of your leaf pile. They can get mixed into the pile and vacuumed up by the equipment. With the increasing number of maturing trees each year it is impossible to guarantee a specific pick-up day for any one location. If the leaves are not in place when the crew goes by, they will be picked on the next rotation or residents can take their leaves to the public works yard waste facility on Clearfield Road.

The schedule is subject to inclement weather and mechanical breakdown and your area could be skipped at any time should these situations occur. Leaf collection will tentatively follow the schedule below:

Area 1 Boundary
Beginning at the Moore Township/Bushkill Township border, State Route 512, Miller, Bushkill Center, West Douglasville, Clearfield, Hahn, and Williams Roads. If you live within these boundaries, leaf pick-up will occur during the fifth week of October and the fourth week of November.

Area 2 Boundary
Beginning on Miller, Baron, Keller, Gold Mill, Parkland, Renaldi, State Park, Jacobsburg, Henry, and Schoeneck Roads and ending at Bushkill Center Road. If you live within these boundaries, leaf pick-up will occur during the first week of November and the fifth week of November

Area 3 Boundary
Beginning at Williams, Hahn, West Douglasville, Bushkill Center, Beil, High, Gower, and Knauss Roads and ending with Bok Road. If you live within these boundaries, leaf pick-up will occur during the second week of November and the second week of December.

The remainder of December will be used to collect leaves throughout the township on as needed basis. Questions regarding leaf collection can be referred to the Bushkill Township Public Works Department at 610.759.2758, between the hours of 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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