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Public Works - FAQs

Bushkill Township

Who do you contact:
If there are fallen trees in the Township Right of Way?
During office hours call (610)759-2758.
During non-office hours call non-emergency at (610)759-2200.

If street signs need replacement or have fallen down?
Call (610)759-2758

A Township plow or vehicle hit my garbage can, who’s going to clean up the garbage?
It is the responsibility of the homeowner to clean up the garbage. All garbage and recycling cans are to be placed behind the resident’s mailbox off of the paved roadway. The farther away they are the better chance that the snow from the plow won’t hit it. At no time throughout the year should garbage or cans of any kind be placed on the roadway.

If you find a dead deer on the roadway/side of the road?
If it is located on a State Road, call PennDOT at 610-250-1840. If it is located on a Township Road call the Game Commission at 610-926-3136

Who do I call if there is a problem on a Township Road?
Please call Bushkill Township Public Works Dept. at 610-759-2758. When leaving a message please provide your name, phone number, address and the nature of the problem.

Who is responsible for maintenance of township roads?
There are approximately 58 miles of Township maintained roads, and approximately 35.67 miles of PennDOT maintained roads in Bushkill Township. If you want to report a problem on a PennDOT road, please contact 1-800-FIX-ROAD (800-349-7623).

The following are roads maintained by PennDOT:

  • SR 4023 Aluta Mill Road (West)
  • SR 4025 Bushkill Center Road
  • SR 4019 Bushkill Drive
  • SR 1010 Belfast Road
  • SR 1012 Belfast Road (East of Jacobsburg Road)
  • SR 4012 Cherry Hill Road
  • SR 4016 Church Road
  • SR 4096 Daniels Road
  • SR 1006 File Town Road
  • SR 1008 Henry Road
  • SR 4021 High Street
  • SR 1001 Jacobsburg Road
  • SR 1028 Male Road
  • SR 0512 Moorestown Road (Route 512)
  • SR 4091 Mountain Road
  • SR 1026 Old Allentown Road
  • SR 1003 State Park Road

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